Time booking is mandatory to visit Brunelleschi's Dome.

Ticket number
Il grande museo del Duomo
Il grande museo del Duomo

  • ✤ Please note the first available date to visit Brunelleschi's Dome is December 15: the cumulative tickets are in any case valid to visit the rest of the monuments included
  • ✤ Valid for 30 days from the date selected for the visit on the calendar at the moment of the purchase
  • ✤ Usable for 72 hours from the first passage
  • ✤ One entry to each site
  • ✤ Direct access without going through the cashier queue
  • ✤ Access will be permitted only for ticket holders
  • ✤ Mandatory booking to access the Dome
  • ✤ The booking for the Brunelleschi's Dome cannot be modified.

  • IMPORTANT: Any errors on the selection of the date of visit will not be refunded

  • Ticket contains a barcode readable by the turnstiles at the entrances of the various sites. The use of the tablet is not advised for reading difficulties of the bar code at the entrance.

  • Tickets cannot be canceled or modified and are not refundable unless the monuments remain closed for the whole period of validity of the ticket.
  • ✤ Booking is free and not mandatory, but allows to avoid queuing up at entrances.
  • ✤ Available times for booking are set up to allow the visit in the best way, without rush
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