Time booking is mandatory to visit Brunelleschi's Dome.

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Il grande museo del Duomo
Il grande museo del Duomo

  • ✤ ATTENTION: starting on February 19, contextual booking allows you to select times to visit the Dome (Cupola) on the date you choose for the tickets. If you did not add the time booking at the moment of the purchase, you can book ONLY AT THE ATMs at Centro Arte e Cultura (Piazza San Giovanni 7), according to availability remained.
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  • IMPORTANT: Any errors on the selection of the date of visit will not be refunded

  • Ticket contains a barcode readable by the turnstiles at the entrances of the various sites. The use of the tablet is not advised for reading difficulties of the bar code at the entrance.

  • Tickets cannot be canceled or modified and are not refundable unless the monuments remain closed for the whole period of validity of the ticket.
  • ✤ Booking is free and not mandatory, but allows to avoid queuing up at entrances.
  • ✤ Available times for booking are set up to allow the visit in the best way, without rush
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